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Peer –Reviewed Articles

  1. Jollands, M. C., Hanger, B. J, Yaxley, G. M., Kilburn, M. R. and Hermann, J. (2018). Timescales between mantle metasomatism and kimberlite ascent indicated by diffusion profiles in garnet crystals from peridotite xenoliths. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 481, 143-153. [Citations: 16]
  2. Hanger, B. J., Yaxley, G. M., Berry A. J. and Kamenetsky, V. S. (2015). Relationships between oxygen fugacity and metasomatism in the Kaapvaal subcratonic mantle, represented by garnet peridotite xenoliths in the Wesselton kimberlite, South Africa. Lithos 212-1215, 443-452 doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2014.09.030 [20]
  3. Berry, A. J., Yaxley, G. M., Hanger, B. J., Woodland, A. B., de Jonge, M. D., Howard, D. L., Patterson, D. and Kamenetsky, V. S. (2013), Quantitative mapping of the oxidative effects of mantle metasomatism. Geology 41, 683-686, doi: 10.1130/G34119.1 [23]


  1. Hanger, B. J., (2014) Redox conditions in the cratonic lithosphere and implications for metasomatism. PhD Thesis, The Australian National University, Canberra. Available online at the ANU Open Access Repository.

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